Why You Should Hire an Auditor?

In the previous blog regarding auditors Hire an auditor. How to Prepare for the UAE Taxes”, we talked about how hiring an auditor is likely to save you time and stress during tax filing. We mentioned who is likely to hire one, and in this post we are going to tell you why you should hire one yourself.


It ought to be made clear that a business of any size can benefit from hiring an auditor when paying taxes. Having said that, in the context of the UAE corporate income taxes (CIT), businesses with an annual revenue of less than 375 000 AED (roughly $102 000) are exempt from paying CIT. Read more about who is exempt from CIT in the UAE here.

Why hire an auditor to deal with taxes?

An auditor can (not only) help you avoid unintentional tax fraud or sanctions, but they can also give you detailed insight into your business’s finances. Such reports often include detailed charts and graphs, explanations, and suggestions for improvement. An auditor ultimately wants to see your business do well and adhere to all the right laws.

At AccountingMarketplace, we can offer you a wide selection of auditors that will best suit your type of business. If you let us know  what requirements you have, we can offer you our best options.

If your business only requires a part-time auditor to help you with your taxes, we can help. If you want to go another step further and hire a full-time, in-house auditor, this is also the right place. Head over to our information page to find out more. The value of knowing that your business is running on safe ground is honestly priceless. Filing your taxes in the UAE will become as easy as it is to hire one.

If you are interested in hiring an auditor for your own business, fill out our form and get a quote here.

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